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Our Prices are great which has earned us the trust of our clients.

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With us you do not have to worry about the quality of products we deliver to you. We deal with reputable oil depots who pride themselves on sellingreal and undiluted products.


We do the hard work. You do not need to lift a finger. once you pay, the onus shift on us to deliver your products

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Our team members will not leave you stranded or unattended to. We ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish for both parties.

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Rent / Lease Truck
At OPIL, we provide leasing of trucks at affordable rate, why wait, lease with us now.
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Join over 20 merchants that help us meet the need of Nigerians placing orders on our website.

Clients Testimonial

With Opil Oil and Gas, our office no longer need to wait as we book ahead with them and they deliver on time.
Jowo Technologies
This technology OPIL brought online is a wonderful one and my business could keep track of all our expenses of fuel from their dashboard. I recommend Opil oil and gas.
Adeola Muave
Lekki, Lagos
The fact that I can order my diesel online while I am at work and Opil delivers to my doorstep is a life changing experience for me, I recommend them.
Hazel Morris
Ogun State, Nigeria